Thursday, December 9, 2010

shit i made a dumb post

I had originally wanted to do something else with this blog; that is to say, something at all. I had intended to keep a very illustrated account of various happenings of my life, but I find myself posting inane things if only to ease my own shame at utterly failing to do that.

Of course, it's more than my own laziness that keeps this space content-free. At least, I like to tell myself that. The cords to my scanner have been missing for a while, rendering it not much more than a table on which I have several incomplete letters and a few sketches.

I am able to scan things at "the office," though. I dislike having to explain just what that means, mostly because I feel the need to make a lot of useless details very clear. If I say it's work, people will assume I have a paying job. If I say it's volunteer work, people will assume I'm a nice person. If I say that it's a sunday school I volunteer at, people will assume I'm religious.

So when I explain it to people, I have to say that I volunteer at a Sunday school, because of mother works for the church and manages the sunday school program & also if she weren't there I would spend by sunday mornings in my bed(and probably afternoon and maybe some night).

Of course this is a lot of information to say in casual conversation, and I always grow vaguely paranoid that it doesn't sink in. So I end up saying it every time I talk about my sundays, and will probably keep doing it until whoever it is I'm conversing with is able to repeat the entire spiel verbatim.

It would give me peace of mind, if nothing else.

(I will probably fill the content-less void with another post of silly help tickets! I've amassed quite the collection, hawhehaw.)

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