Friday, March 4, 2011

bum bum BUM...

Well, I failed. I made a little list, and I told myself I couldn't update until I had finished all of those things. So far about two out of seven of the comics I had planned are done, and I think it's time I admit defeat. There was something I had wanted to talk about, but we are quickly reaching a point where that thing is not relevant.

I've been reading more comics lately, batman in particular. Cape comics fascinate me, with their long history and continuities. Somehow, the character that interested me the most had almost nothing to do with Batman at all.
Klarion the witch-boy. He was goofy and weird, which is apparently all it takes for me to love a character. I ended up going back and reading everything I could find with him in it, which unfortunately isn't that much.

When I found out he was going to be in an episode of Young Justice, I was beyond excited.

I don't like it, and I could leave it at that, but it's never that simple with me. I don't like it, and now I'm gonna ramble on for a few paragraphs with every little reason as to why.
Klarion is not a character with a lot of deep motivations or a particularly complicated history. He's just a kid who wants to see all the cool stuff our world has to offer. He lived his whole life being told that nothing existed outside of the boundries of that small town he was born in, deep underground.

That same simplicity is what drew me to him. He is motivated by curiousity, plain and simple. He has saved lives, he has done good and he has done bad, but at the end all he is loyal to is himself and his cat.

But from what I can tell, people just see "the witch-boy" and stop reading. Yes, he is a boy, as opposed to a man. Why does that immidiately mean he is nothing but a spoiled brat, tossing magic around and whining when he doesn't get what he wants?
That isn't what his title means at all. He is a witch-boy because he learned a truth that only witch-men know and laughed in its face. Klarion cut ties with Limbo Town, never going through the rite of passage that usher its boys into adulthood. He never became a witch-man; he is a witch-boy.

He is a boy, yes, and he is as much of a whiny brat as I am responsible by the grace that I am legally an adult. Reading this blog for about five minutes will reveal that it's simply not true.

Of course, I could only be saying this because I haven't been able to get my hands on any pre-Seven Soldiers Klarion stuff besides the Sins of Youth special, so I could very well be talking out of my ass.

There was going to be a second half here, one more intelligent than DERR CHARACTER ROOENED. Here is what happened to it

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(That was sarcasm, I was being sarcastic on the internet)

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  1. Your sarcasm is noted. A rare feat for me. I am however in complete agreement. Klarion the Witch Boy is the most awesome character ever. And Morrison's take on it is the stuff of legend. I weep for the world that has not yet printed at least a hundred issues of Klarion's adventures.