Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No this is not what I ordered at all

I promised witchboys! And I lied. That is a thing I do, I lie. I lie about where those stains came from, or what I was doing last night, and I lie about the dumb things I put on my blog. I actually got ahold of some animation stuffies. I promptly went on a spree of poorly drawn scribblegifs, because scribbling is what I do best apparently.

Most of these were requests from people on NG.

Someone's yellow/devolved Yarrul, dancing. This was actually drawn later, when I cared enough to stay inside the lines, haha.

Dancing blooper. A lot of these are "dancing ___" actually.

Bnowhunon riding a giant possessed potato.

Candypanda eating cheese.

A cow eating grass! I tried to make it a little more complicated, because the person who requested it had drawn me this earlier, but it ended up dumb and choppy and I forgot to color in the udders. A++

This was the first one I did, someone asked for a duck. But... this is the only kind of bird I can draw.

 A unicorn. I arbitrarily decided to style it after one I was familiar with, but realized a bit too late that unicorns and pegasi are in fact not the same thing.

A friend's dog dancing.
Superboy punching a wall.

I just combined two requests here, a cat tapdancing and a cat chasing a butterfly. So... it's a cat tapdancing at a butterfly.

Some kind of barn owl. I drew a brown penguin about four times before deciding I should look at what barn owls actually look like.

This was the finale between an epic battle between myself and friend, who happens to be an admin on Neurogalaxy! It began with some comments about Jason Todd, afterwhich admin powers were abused to assault my effigy in his name, efforts that were deftly countered and then once more.

I believe I have emerged victorious from that battle.

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  1. I didn't request to get interrupted or punched in the face... e.e