Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who ordered a pile of scribbles

I feel like this picture describes the following post perfectly. Actually, it describes a lot of things I do.

(I've had these pictures taking up space on my HD, I figured I might as well toss them somewhere, haha.)

Various pokemon drawn for various reasons.

Fat Griffo you are so fat how do you even fly you are ridiculous

Some silly AU stuff I couldn't be arsed to finish.

Drawn in response to this. I'M COMING FOR YOU, VALENTINE.

That's all my mouse-drawn scribbles, at least. I finally got around to setting up the scanner I got for christmas, so I have a few comics waiting for be colored.

I have noticed that the quality of the scanner doesn't seem up to par with my old one, which is fantastic because this one probably cost about five times as much. Here's a panel of this, directly from the scanner;
Pencil and a dark blue marker that came out white and bright blue. On one hand, it makes the paper white where scans from the other one were grey and grainy. But it also brightens everything else in a way I don't like.

Ah well, it doesn't make that much of a difference. I hardly ever post things that I haven't digitially reinked anyway.

Next post will probably be nothing but witchboys, because I have a problem.

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